“Seen” no longer with NoSeen! App to block Facebook’s “Seen” feature.

I was randomly scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post that I thought was rather interesting. It was an app that was developed by a Bacolodnon to circumvent Facebook’s seen feature.  The app’s purpose is basically to bypass Facebook’s feature and not have the other party know that you have already seen his message. A simple app that give a huge portion of privacy back to the users. Personally, I wouldn’t want everyone I chat with on Facebook to know that I have read his message, especially for people I don’t really feel like replying to. The seen feature tends to elicit a negative response from some people if the other party did not send a reply back, which can be understandable for some as being “seen” is usually interpreted as being “ignored”.



I got in contact with the developer of the app, Oliver Martinez, who was kind enough to spend some time answering questions I had regarding NoSeen and some details regarding the him and about NoSeen.

1. Hi Oliver! Can you give us a short intro/background about yourself as a developer?

 Hi everyone. I’m Oliver Martinez, a software engineer specializing in mobile and server API development. I started writing code when I was around 11 years old using WML markup language for WAP sites. Real programming began around 2010, during my first year of college where I took up Information Techology in STI Bacolod. Java was one of the first languages I learned and fell in love with it immediately. I started and built several apps for the Blackberry 10 OS around 2016 and have since then been coding for it for the last 4 years. Aside from that OS, I’ve also built some Android,Windows phone apps, desktop and web applications as well.

2. What inspired or led you to develop an app like NoSeen? How long did it take for the overall development of the app until you had a workable prototype?

What inspired me to develop NoSeen was that I myself needed something like the app for my own personal use, and a lot of people do too! I want to be able to have the convenience of reading messages without feeling that responsibility of replying to the other party, because they might feel angry/insulted that I had not send a response ( most especially when it’s been a long day and I am totally drained, not having the strength to reply to long messages some people might send me). Being “seen” is usually seen by most people as negative and I want something that can prevent that because that is definitely not my intention. Initial development for NoSeen started around December 10, 2017 and then 10 days later, I had a working version available for testing ( Version 0.100 ).

3. Were there any other developers involved in coding NoSeen?

NoSeen was developed solely by me and nobody else was involved in its development or its design. The only aspect were people got involved was during the app’s marketing in social media.

4. I noticed the app is only for iOS, do you have any plans of including the Android OS in the near future?

Absolutely! The Android development of NoSeen will start a few weeks from now. Hopefully we will be able to see the first beta version to launch sometime in February. Not only that, I also plan to bring NoSeen to your desktop/laptop computers, first on MacOS then maybe Windows.

5. It’s almost March and a lot of senior college students will be graduating, what advice can you give graduating IT students as they are about to enter the real world?

The advice that I can give to graduating IT students is that they should focus less on the things their school taught them, and develop their skills more by investing time studying by themselves. Graduation is just a single step, and you don’t need to waste a lot of time worrying/studying that you most likely won’t need in the future. The real world is very different, especially for the IT folks. You need to make sure you are ready to face it and either land your first job or become an entrepreneur. There are TONS of resources available online for free ( Youtube, Udemy, Udacity, etc. ) and all you have to do is invest your time in finding them. Take time to explore other technologies and platforms outside of the things in class, explore the platforms ( desktop, web, mobile ) and then focus down on their operating systems, then to their native languages/SDK , etc. My main advice for motivation is to follow your favorite companies/developers/communities on social media, so you will be constantly reminded why you do what it is that you do.

Thank you so much Oliver for your time and I do look forward for any other applications you’ll be releasing in the future, especially if they’re something like NoSeen, an app with great potential and huge help in giving back privacy to it’s users. 

For now, NoSeen is available for iOS and available in it’s app store. You can also download the app using the link below:

Download NoSeen Version 1.0.6 

If you want to get in contact with Oliver Martinez in regards to his apps or a business proposition, please use the following links below:

FacebookOliver Martinez
InstagramOliver Martinez
TwitterOliver Martinez
LinkedInOliver Martinez
GitHubOliver Martinez

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