Bacolod and Coworking Spaces

Battling procrastination over and over again ( and losing ), but here I am with another post, going to talk about the growing number of coworking spaces here in Bacolod.

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First of all, what’s coworking, you may ask?

According to Wikipedia,  

“coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.” 

However my own definition of coworking is that it’s finding other people to come with you  while you talk about random stuff while supposedly “working” lol ( this includes large amounts of coffee, and 2-3 boxes of donuts or pizza ).

Coworking spaces are a notch above the coffee shops popping up all over Bacolod. They have better internet speeds, unlimited coffee refills, and most of all, an environment where you’re surrounded by professionals working or students studying up. An environment where everyone is focused and no loud groups gossiping and whatnot.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like to occasionally work in coffee shops, most preferably Starbucks or Tom n Tom’s. However, when I need to get all serious and fired up, a coworking space is my best bet.

If you’re a digital nomad visiting Bacolod City, these three below are my top recommendations if you’re ever in need to find a place to work in a relatively peaceful environment.

1. Dojo 8 Coworking ( and Coliving ) Space 

Dojo 8 Coworking Space Bacolod

Dojo 8 Coworking Space takes the top spot ( mostly because I’m biased and I usually work there lol ) on this list. They’re pretty much the first coworking space to open up in the city, and practically the only option available before if you’re looking for a quiet place to work with great speeds. They have rooms available as well if you need a private space to do your work, 3 rooms good for 4-5 people each and then a big conference room for those times where you just want everyone to look at you while you stand in front of the whiteboard lol. They have monthly rates available if you’re looking for a semi-permanent place to work, and also have consumable hours available for purchase ( must use up within 1 week ).

Dojo 8 Bacolod coworking space

Location wise, they’re easy to spot as the place is along Lacson Street, a couple of steps away from Starbucks. No shortage of food either in case you go hungry, food establishments/bars can be found around the area without too much difficulty.

Dojo 8 Bacolod Coliving Space

Important thing to note is that they have a coliving space just a few steps away from their coworking space. Same setup, but with a bigger area and more rooms. They have rooms for rent for digital nomads staying over night or a few days. Very convenient if you need reliable internet at the ready.

Facebook Page: Dojo 8 Coworking 

2. Arendo Coworking Space

Arendo Coworking Bacolod

Pretty much the new kids on the block when it comes to the coworking spaces here in Bacolod. They’re pretty near USLS ( University of St. La Salle )  and I’ve dropped in a couple of times just to take a quick look. First impressions are everything, and from what I can see, they have a very clean and organized environment. There are relatively fewer people there compared to Dojo 8 but that’s most probably because they’re new. Something about the entire place makes me feel I could really focus on my work and get it done.


Important thing to note about Arendo Coworking Space is the internet speed. Very positive reviews on their social media page on Facebook, with speeds going up to 160 mbps ( which is a big deal here in the Philippines, where internet is usually slow ).  They’re active and usually hold weekly events, gatherings, talks, even for non-members ( with a bit of a price difference, of course ). Great initiative that I hope they’ll keep continuing.

Arendo Coworking Bacolod

They have different rates for students and professionals, and have passes if you want to go all in for the entire day or entire night. Please Note that if you purchase 4 hours worth of time, it runs the moment you start working in Arendo, even if you consume only 1-2 hours worth.

Facebook Page: Arendo Coworking

3. ThinkBig Coworking

ThinkBig Coworking Bacolod

Probably the second coworking space that opened up in the city. Noticed them a few months back as they’re a stone’s throw away from Riverside Hospital. You can’t see anything at the entrance though, as the space itself  is on the second floor. Rates and information about ThinkBig Coworking is displayed at the entrance, but I haven’t really managed to drop in and see the place itself.

ThinkBig 101 Coworking Bacolod

I’m not sure if their rates are consumable like Dojo 8 or if you need to use them up within the day like Arendo, so better yet reach out to them on their social media page below.

Facebook Page: ThinkBig 101 Coworking

I’ve also come across a few places that seemed like coworking spaces but I’m not really sure. There’s one just in front of La Salle, for example, but  I’m a bit confused because it looks like a coffee shop but it had rates that were a little similar to that of a coworking space. Anyway, these three are probably you’re best bet to get a hassle free workday or workweek done when you’re in the City of Smiles, especially if you’re a freelancer/digital nomad. Main ingredient to making great work is a peaceful environment which allows you to focus. 

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