Achieving balance with Adsense Ad Balance.

As you post more and more content out on your site as a blogger, it is inevitable that you will definitely gain more traffic sooner or later. Traffic that will one day be enough for you to monetize.


The simplest ways for bloggers to earn through their visitors is through Google Adsense. The entire process is pretty simple and straight forward. Get your site approved, generate the ad unit codes, paste them on your site and you’re done! The placements will begin generating text, image, video, or interactive ads and you’ll be earning in your sleep in no time

Ad Balance is a feature within Adsense that allows you to maximize your site’s earning potential. Simply put, the tool allows you to focus on your best performing ads and keep the losers out. This will generate a better user experience for your visitors, and potentially increase your Click Through Rates as well!

ad balance.png
This can be found by clicking on Optimization in your Adsense user interface and then clicking on Experiments. You should find the Ad Balance experiment available for you to choose.  It’s pretty simple to use, you can drag the slider to the left to lower the percentage of ads to be displayed, and the to the right to increase it. Drag it down too much and it’ll start to impact your performance, so do take note.

Ad Balance interfacec

Adsense allows you to conduct experiments or A/B testing first before you go ahead and decide what’s best. Let’s say you decide to go for a fill rate of 85% and then you compare it to the original setting of a fill rate with 100%. The experiment will run for 6 days and start gathering data comparing the original and the variation. 

ad balance3

At the end of the experiment, you can set Ad Balance to automatically choose the winner or you can choose one manually at any time. No need to finish the entire 6 days. 

In my opinion, this is a really simple but useful tool that would allow site owners to maximize their Adsense performance. With only the best performing ads being displayed, users are more likely to click on them. This in turn, generates more revenue for you.

This doesn’t work for everyone as every site is different, but you can play around and see how it works for yours.

If you have any questions or any comments at all, please go ahead and reach out to me at Guy With The Laptop!

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