2017 in a nutshell. Happy New Year!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something new on here since I’ve been focusing on growing my page first and getting a decent following, but since its the start of a new year, a mandatory New Year” post to highlight everything that happened to me in 2017 seems to be in order


Let me kick this post off by saying that the only thing constant in our lives is change. Everything changes one way or another, sooner or later. Even the people we hold close to our hearts, there will always be the possibility of them not being there anymore.

No matter how close you guys used to be.

I left my Accenture and started working remotely from home for an Ad-Tech company. Only a few days away before my first anniversary! It’s been awesome working with diversified individuals with different cultures and background. The feeling of being able to take your work anywhere, to have location freedom and not chained up in an office’s four corners is really something I believe everyone should experience. I could be working in a beach, at a bar, or in the comfort of my own home. With my laptop and an internet connection, I’m good to go.

M2 Bacolod Employees

I’ll make a post about how you can do it as well, listing down the sites I myself have tried and where you can look for legitimate online jobs to apply for ( insert page link here in the future lol )

2017 was also the year I ran my first 21k or half marathon. Three of them, in fact. Running the first one was the scariest. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish the entire race, since my preparation usually sucks ( yay procrastination! ). I didn’t even think about my time, all I wanted was to finish the entire run and still have enough strength left to claim my medal. Before the year ended, I ran three half marathons, with the last one finally being able to break the 2 hour and 30 minute mark, the time I have been aiming to achieve for my 21 kilometer run.

From my first half marathon, down to my last for 2017!

Guy With The Laptop was also born this year. My little pet project for a lifestyle/personal blog where I can cram my random thoughts and multiple rants about life. It’s been a constant battle between inspiration and procrastination ( the latter seems to be winning lol ) but I’m pretty happy with where I am overall. The Facebook page is steadily growing as well, if you haven’t done so yet, give me a follow on my page here!

I’ve also taken steps investing in my first bitcoin this year. Granted, it’s not an entire coin, but it’s pretty much a lot of money if you consider the amount I put in at my age. I really believe the cryptocurrency still has a long way to go and is far from over. It’s been a constant roller coaster ride of hopes and fears but I’m still hanging on for dear life, trying not to bail out of my coins lol. I’m also looking to expand my investments into other cryptos like Ripple, Lite and Ethereum probably.

Proud owner of a tiny piece of this coin lol.

Overall, 2017 was a year full of changes and challenges. It’s really amazing to see how many things could change in 365 days. Things that have a huge part in deciding where our lives will go in the future. 2017 was that kind of year. Hitting the highest peaks of achievement and numerous milestones in my life, but also hitting rock bottom during the trials and problems I encountered as the year came to a close.

2017 was also the year I met someone really special. 🙂 

I lost a few people in my life, but gained tons more in the process. A year full of unexpected surprises but made me stronger and more confident in myself as a person. 2018 is the year where everything falls into place.

2018 is the year where I rise from the ashes.

Happy New Year!

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