Reasons why you should date a Bacolodnon.

Still loveless and waiting for ‘the one’? Are you tired of seeing all your friends get into relationships while you remain hopelessly single? Why not date a Bacolodnon ( someone from Bacolod )? These reasons below aren’t just rumors. They’re facts lol. 

Read on to know the top 3 reasons why you should go ahead and try dating a Bacolodnon 🙂

1. We speak Hiligaynon (Ilonggo)

Need I say more? We Bacolodnons speak Hiligaynon, which is by far the sweetest sounding dialect you’ll hear in the Philippines. In fact, the dialect’s tone and pronunciation of words is so smooth and sweet, you’ll hardly be able to tell if we’re angry or if we’re having a good day ( most of Bisaya friends would usually tell me this and always wants to hear what I sound like when I’m angry lol ).

So if we do date and get into a fight, you’ll probably feel like you’re the only one angry when we’re arguing.


Credits to Rods Mallo Sumadic ( If you can find his page or official Facebook, please send me a message so I can have it linked )

2. We will love you as much as we love food.

Have you tried Chicken Inasal? Yep, that dish originated from Bacolodnons and it stems from our innate love for food! As our city has become a haven for food enthusiasts, it’s no wonder we Bacolodnons are food lovers as well! Our love for you will be like our love for ‘Paa’ and ‘chicken oil’. To heck with fancy dining, we’ll take you out to Aida’s for some inasal or to Aboy’s for some scallops!

EAT! BACOLOD teaser from headrush productions on Vimeo.

Credits to Headrush Productions ( click to go their Facebook page)

3. We’re always there for you with a smile.

Our city is literally called the ‘City of Smiles’ for a reason lol. Bacolodnons are generally happy people, even though we have problems, we will still smile through it all. Foreigners who visit the Philippines tend to comment on how the people of Bacolod are always so happy and jolly, willing to help and be a friend if you need one.

If you date a Bacolodnon, say goodbye to frowns and downs because I promise you that we will always be there for you with a smile. The world would be a less darker place if only everyone remembered to smile once in a while. 


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  1. 3 shit reasons. How about actual reasons!
    1) bacolodnons are always gossiping, theyll probably gossip about your imperfections non stop

    2) they will love you as much as food, even if it comes down to pretending food tastes good when it doesnt.

    3) they will greet you with a smile made of “plastic”; “plastic” is their term for being believably fake as not to offend you or until they can get what they want from you

    4) they speak hiligaynon and nothing else, if your english(or any other language) capabilities are better than theirs they will respond with “nosebleed” which is a form of intellect shaming in their culture.

    5) people in bacolod have cheating so ingrained in the culture that women and men are so controlling and paranoid that they self sabotage their own relationships (even if they havent been cheated on as they will have a family member/s or friends that have cheated or have been cheated on and people will just say its normal for men to cheat)

    Tip: dont date a “bacolodnon” date a person who is a great person and treats you with love trust and respect irregardless of them being a vacolodnon a cebuano a tagalog a black or even a white person heck even an alien if you must.


    1. The post was meant to be for fun but I do appreciate the effort you spent in creating this comment lol. Looks like you met the wrong Bacolodnons then. Goodluck being successful life with that attitude.


  2. Haha please dont generalize💓 not all bacolodnons are like that. In fact, the traits you’ve mentioned may also be a trait of any one in different race or culture. All the love! 💋


    1. Thank you for commenting. I agree not all Bacolodnons are the same, but please do note that this article was written for fun lol. Anyway, your opinion is your own and I respect that. Have a good day Velvety!


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