Digital Nomads PH # 1

Happy Monday everyone! I’ll be starting up a new segment here in my blog that focuses on the digital nomads/independent contractors/freelancers of the Philippines. Basically this is to show people that this lifestyle is indeed possible and that it is growing here in the Philippines without most people knowing about it. This is dedicated to the individuals who have chosen to step out of their comfort zones (a.k.a the office ) and utilized the internet to make a living.

For the very first post in what would hopefully be a ‘daily or weekly’ thing, I reached out to one of my friends way back when I was still in high school. Thanks Fits for taking the time to answer!

#DigitalNomadsPH #GuyWithTheLaptop


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Who are you and what do you do?

FItaaaaaaaa / customer success admin, product and technical support, VA

You can call me Fita ( Fita Fits lol ). ย I’m a customer success admin, product and technical support, VA ( Virtual Assistant ).

Why did you choose to work from home/online?

To have a better lifestlyle.

Have you ever tried/decided to try working in an office/corporate environment?


If yes, would you be open to going back?ย 


Homebased careers or freelancing isn’t that popular, and usually people generally don’t have any idea what most of us do or techy enough to know that it can be long term. What do you usually say to people who ask where you work or what you do?

i tell them I got my own office and workstation at home. I tell THEM I work as an independent contractor for american, australian, and canadian clients… according to our certifcate of earnings from upwork, “independent contractor” is the formal term for online freelancers. Working from home is also known as telecommuting (google?)

I usually tell them that I have my own office/workstation at home. I tell them that I work as an independent contractor for a variety of clients (American, Australian and Canadian). According to (Formerly, where I usually find jobs), independent contractors is the formal term for “Freelancers”. Working from home is also known as Telecommuting.

What do you think are the pros and cons of your job/working from home?

It actually depends on what you are looking for. For me, these are the Pro’s and Cons when I started working from home.

Pros: flexibility, convenience, above-average income, several opportunities
Cons: decreased social activity lol

Do you have any saving, investments, SSS, or health insurance?

Yes, I do.

Any tips to other people who are thinking about pursuing an online/homebased career or freelancing?

Start investing in a good desktop pc, a new laptop, and secure a reliable internet connection (2 ISPs).
Minimum specs of your pc to be at least : i5/2gb vram/8gb ram/500gb ssd/win10. specs of your internet: at least 10mbps..

get postpaid globe and pldt, so if one goes down, you have a stable backup (not just mobile data)… as your career grows, upgrade to a mac (preferably osx 10, sierra or higher).. build your profile on the jobsite of your choice, earn positive reviews from clients, polish your cv/portfolio.

train yourself to learn new skills. be independent, resourceful, discplined, and have THE right attitude… and always remember, money CAN buy happiness. lels xD

If you would like to reach out to the contractor/freelancer below for an opportunity or questions, please do so by message me through my page or on Facebook instead. I’ll contact them for you.ย 


    1. Hey Ron! I haven’t that active lately. Work was taking up most of my time as well as my other hobbies but awesome to hear that you’ve been to the Philippines. If ever you’re in Bacolod, hit me up and I’ll be glad to show you around!


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