Restarting my Intermittent Fasting: Drunk nights and a trip to Lakawon


With everything that happened this weekend, I decided to restart my IF (Intermittent Fasting) journey. I made a few mistakes and cheated by eating a few meals in between my fast. By then, I decided to go do a new start on Monday and extend the fasting period to 20 hours. That means I’m going to go have my first meal somewhere around 2-3 PM and then my second meal at around 7-8 PM. 

What happened during the weekend, you ask? 


Well first off, I went out during Friday night even though we had a family trip to Lakawon planned on Saturday. We were leaving for the island around 6 AM and I went home around 4 AM lol. I manage to pull through and got some sleep during the ride. It was my aunt’s birthday and we spent an entire day on the island, thankfully without me getting sunburn.


Apparently though, it’s never a good idea to go out and about abusing your body’s limits and then going drinking AGAIN after a trip. When we got back home, I went out again around 9:30PM. That was the night when everything took its toll and I got too drunk for my own good. My body was so tired and I kept falling asleep. I can count on one hand the number of times I got drunk, so I guess this adds another one lol. 


Ended up having something to eat at Jollibee ( Bida ang saya, b**ches ) and going home around 5 AM. I then woke up around 10 AM because we had to go to church at 11. I really couldn’t take much when afternoon came and went to sleep for about 2-3 hours. 

Now with everything that happened, I guess it’s pretty safe to say that I ruined my Intermittent Fasting adventure. I broke my eating windows and just screwed everything up ( was worth it though, don’t get me wrong lol. ). For my new start, I plan on doing Intermittent Fasting with only a single day of cheat day ( Sunday ). That means I will have 20 hours of fasting every single day until then. I also hope to add regular cardio to the mix, but I’ll see how my body deals with everything first. 

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