Intermittent Fasting: Coping with hunger


Doing a quick blog post into my 9th day of intermittent fasting. So far, I have consistently maintained my eating schedules of 1 PM and 8 PM. It hasn’t been easy though, I’ve noticed that around 10 AM, my hunger starts to build up and its been more noticeable than when I started. According to some of my friends who have already tried intermittent fasting, this stage will soon phase out as my body gets used to the schedules.

Around 5:30 PM this afternoon, with only 3 hours left remaining for my next meal, I was at SM Mall and I really, really wanted to buy a box of nachos. I had to make an effort to resist temptation and focus my thoughts elsewhere. I’m not sure if my hunger pangs will increase or totally disappear by next week, but whatever, anything for the blog lol.

I’ve noticed that my body seems more defined than usual. I’m not sure if IF ( Intermittent Fasting ) is starting to work or its just because I have an empty stomach. I expect more definite results to start showing around next week or the week after. I can probably start posting pictures of the results by then.Β 

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