Ragnarok Online Philippines: The Comeback


If you haven’t heard the news yet, then here you go, Ragnarok Online is officially relaunching and is currently in its Open Beta Testing stage. When Level Up! announced that Ragnarok Online was going to close its doors 2 years, a lot of people were heartbroken. The game was one, if not the very first, MMORPG to take hold here in the Philippines and I can still remember seeing the game’s commercial being advertised in AXN. It was my very first online game and back then, talking to someone else playing in Manila while going on an adventure in a mythical world was amazing. Ragnarok Online held a very special place in most of the hearts of the older Filipino gamers and it didn’t feel quite right when they announced the game was officially ending.


While the game might seem old and cartoonish compared to the games of the current generation, Ragnarok still has that certain feel when playing that no other games could match. I’ve played other MMORPG’s with better graphics and other skills but none could match the happiness I felt going on a hunt for a Golden Thief Bug card with a party and then getting massacred ( we were all in our 1st Job Classes and we thought it would be easy, just like in Ragnarok: The Animation lol. )

The game just came out of Closed Beta  a week or two ago and is pretty much in its early phases. I myself have started playing, opting to go for an Asssasin. If you ever see me in-game (TheReaper), give me a holler and I can probably help you out a bit.

Go ahead and visit the site now to register and download the game client! If you’re one of the newer generations who have never even heard of Ragnarok, go ahead and give it a go. You’ll see why the game was so special to us old-timers 🙂

Ragnarok Online: Philippines


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