5 Tinder Profiles that won’t disappoint.

If you’re here reading this, then you probably already know what Tinder is. You might have even tried using Tinder yourself. Depending on the distance you set, you’ll be swamped with hundreds of profiles, all waiting for your decision to either swipe for rejection or swipe right to let them know you’re interested.

These 5 profiles are just a sample of some of the “unique” Tinder profiles you might encounter when using the app. I guarantee that when you see these people’s profiles, you will definitely be interested enough to take a closer look…or not lol.

  1. Petar


    Nothing says “Swipe Right” than a dude wearing a full suit of armor and a two-handed sword on his shoulder. His description also shows him as being honest and direct, a man that knows what he is looking for.. Petar definitely knows how to capture a woman’s attention.
     2. Shannon


     Who wouldn’t take a moment to pause and appreciate this woman’s main photo on Tinder? Wearing something like that will definitely get the boys hooked and curious to see any other pictures you might have on your profile. Shannon is a beast.
    3.  Amy


Hide your sons, cause Amy definitely has an edge over the competition. I mean, do you know anybody else that can wear 21 shirts?


4. Glenda tinder4

Nothing beats a woman with experience, and Glenda isn’t afraid to show that she’s a notch above the rest. At 63 years of age, she’s showing she isn’t afraid to adapt to technology and is on the prowl for more. Eisenhower has fallen, who will be next?

5. Beckytinder5

Any guy coming across Becky’s profile is sure to swipe right. Keep loving them Becky, don’t ever stop.



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