My top 3 methods in earning online.


Have you ever wondered how other people manage to scrape a living online? Have you always wanted to give it a try but always at a loss where to start? Does everything seem too complicated or too techy for you?

I’ve been there once.

A couple of years ago, while I was still in college, something clicked inside of me and made me search for methods on how to earn online. From fulfilling surveys, to even blackhat methods ( illegal ), I’ve scoured the internet to find ways on how to earn in this vast land which we call the Internet. 

Here are my top 3 methods. I have earned through these and can personally vouch that they are legit.

  1. CPA ( Cost Per Acquisition ) 


My # 1 method and my ultimate success story on the internet is when I discovered and successfully earned through Cost Per Acquisition Marketing. Ever find a file that you’ve been looking for and find out that it’s been locked with a survey that you need to complete before you can download?  Well the people setting those up are us. Basically the idea is to find niches or areas where people will gladly give up a bit of their time filling up a survey offer, and you earn through each offer they successfully complete. Pretty much that’s CPA in its very roots, as you get better, you can go ahead and expand on promoting products themselves, and you’ll earn each time people buy through the link you provide.

For more information regarding this, I highly suggest heading over to my main forum where I learned the tools of the trade, CPAElites. There are other sources as well for information and tutorials, like CPAHero and HackForums.

2. UpWork


UpWork is basically a place for freelancers to peddle their services ( lol at peddle ). People in need of workers usually post their job offers, with information on what they need doing and the payment for the job. Sometimes it’s hourly, and sometimes it’s for a given amount. The complexity of the jobs can range from the very simple task of data entry to more serious technical jobs like programming or web design. You get to choose which task you want to submit a proposal for, you sell yourself and if ever you get chosen by the poster, you do the task for the amount agreed upon.

I was good with writing articles and would usually find jobs related to that niche, however I also kept my eye out on easy tasks such as data entry jobs because they were pretty simple to do.

For more information, head on over to Upwork and create an account.

3. Forum Services


Now this third option will require a bit of skill. If you’re good at writing articles or graphic design, then read on. In a lot of forums, especially those relating to the CPA or marketing industry, there are usually sub-threads where you can post your services. You post a description of what you do, price range and probably some samples of your work if you have some available. If you’re willing to give out a review copy or two, then go ahead so you can get some feedback at the expense of your time. This can be pretty lucrative once you get set up in a specific forum or two, as people would usually recommend you if you did quality work for them.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to ask!

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