Training for Bacolod Leg

Here we go Bacolodnons, probably the nearest major running event in the city, Runfest 2017! After my 2nd 21k run in Cebu ( Pinoy Fitness Sub3 21k Challenge ), I  realized that proper training and discipline could have gotten me at least 3rd place in the race. So I promised that for my next half marathon, I would do my best to train up and finally break the 2:30 mark. 

I wasn’t able to run the previous Takbo.Ph Runfest’s held here in Bacolod because I was in Cebu working. I was so jealous of my friends who were able to join because they usually have awesome designs on their shirts and medals. This will be my first ever race and I’m pretty excited for what’s in store.

Training plan?

I don’t really have a structured or organized training plan since I’m pretty confident I can finish the race in good time. However, I am increasing the intensity of my runs and trying to be as consistent as I can. Regular training spots would most likely be at New Government Center (NGC) or a 5 – 8 kilometer road run every now and then. I’m also doubling my leg workouts, focusing mostly on calves.  I’m also getting myself comfortable in using my compression leggings and will probably start using running gels for my long runs to see how effective they can be.

I’m pretty open to training with other people, so if you want to run with me or ask for advice or anything at all, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or message me through my Facebook page ( link at the end of the post). I’m not really a ‘professional’ runner but I can teach you what I know or have learned through experience.

If you’d like to read up on the run or find other running events, then head on over to the link right here:

They also have organized plans for those wanting to train up for their very first 5k’s up to 21. Check them out!

If you haven’t yet, please do follow me on Facebook so you can stay updated on my posts.

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