Pace yourself and live a little.


As soon as they step out of college and break free from the chains that bind them inside the four corners of the classroom, millennials are either in a rush to find a job or they take some time off before seeking employment. The former is scared of being unemployed or just excited to start earning their first salary while the latter decides to take a bit of a break after the years spent inside the classroom or the campus. I was a part of the first group, a fresh graduate excited to earn my first paycheck and not willing to waste anytime idling around.

Literally within 2 weeks after graduation, I already found a job and was setting up in Cebu. Reason why I left? Simple. Cebu had better opportunities and the salary rates were higher compared if I started working here in Bacolod. Back then, I believed if I could get into a good company and get a good job, I’d have everything figured out.

Boy was I wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate what I went through in terms of my career, but I looking back, I feel like I was putting my life on a timer and setting huge expectations for myself. I was rushing for that promotion, for that raise, for that certification. I was doing everything I can to put myself ahead, forgetting that life means so much more than developing a career. 

rail train

At 22 years old, I feel immense pressure to always do what’s best for my future. I’ve read hundreds of articles saying that this is the best time to be investing, the best time to follow my dreams, the best time to build the foundations that would make up my future. Everything  I do during my early twenties can define how I would fare during my late 30’s or 40’s. The setting stage for the late years of my life. Or so would everyone tries to make it seem.

But what about actually living life itself? What about taking the time to appreciate the fact that I am alive, young and free from most responsibilities that most adults are burdened with?


I’m not saying that you should go #YOLO and be a freeloader for a year or two, just that you shouldn’t forget once in a while to look at what’s around you and take a breather. Learn to make the most of what you have and understand that everything in life has its own pace. It may seem that some of the people you know are having all the luck in the world while you’re struggling to make ends meet, but don’t make it a reason to make you feel inadequate.

You’re living your own life and you know yourself best on how to deal with it. No rush, no hurry, pace yourself. 


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