‘Tell me a story about this photo’ Challenge from 9GAG

While browsing on 9GAG, I saw this post with the picture below. The title was a challenge on creating a story about the photo. I was just going to add it in the comments but I got a bit carried away lol. I ended up going past the comment limit and had to post this here in WordPress and my Facebook Fan Page instead.

Anyway, I haven’t really written any prose/poetry in a long time so it might be a bit rusty and there might be a few errors in there. Tell me what you think!

Original 9GAG Post can be found here:Β https://9gag.com/gag/aNA7zA6#_=_



Over 15,000 years ago. The forces of light and darkness clashed upon the Earth.

Led by Amaymon and Reska, the twin princes of the Hell’s 4th Circle, hordes of demons marched together as the spells created long ago binding the Errenos Portals became undone.

There was a storm brewing on Gallanos, capital of Ashura. A sign of the devastation about to come.

Demonic legions came pouring through the Errenos Portals, thought to be merely symbolic constructions of a time that long has passed. The Ashurans, caught unprepared, were slaughtered. Gallanos, the city of light, was shrouded in darkness.

Zyphra, High Archangel of the Northern Bastions, led an assault with 10,000 angels at his command to take back Gallanos and destroy the foothold that Hell has claimed over the Earth.

“For the High Heavens!” was the battlecry that rang throughout the city as blade and fangs clashed.

Eventually, Reska fell to Zyphra in an intense battle over the 2nd portal Hell still has in it’s possession. The angelic rune blade sang as Zyphra buried it deep inside the demon’s body. The battle was almost won. The Earth shook beneath Amaymon’s screams as he realized what has happened to his twin brother.

With so few angels remaining, the forces of light retreated to gather strength for one final assault. However, the Lords of the High Heavens had other concerns. Zyphra was commanded to return to the Northern Bastions and start preparations as word of a demonic attack was about to come. The attack, led by Hell’s Elder Council, will prove to be Hell’s boldest move yet against the bringers of light. Heaven’s gates would remain closed until the threat has been dealt with. The Ashurans would have to face the darkness alone.

Despite his protests, the command remained. He was to return north and start fortifying the defenses. The Errrenos portals would remain in Hell’s possession for now.

Zyphra, however, would not stand by and let the mortals face the evil alone. Casting away his wings and angelic-Runed plates, he crafted for himself a mortal body and left the High Heavens.

With only his Angelic rune blade beside him, Zyphra charged into the ruined city of Gallanos, slaying every demon in his path. Bleeding and exhausted, Zyphra eventually reached the last active Errenos Portal.

As he was about to descend into the portal’s craters, from the shadows emerged Amaymon in his new form, having absorbed his brother’s essence. The demonic prince however, could not recognize Zyphra in his mortal body. Who would be foolish enough to attack the portal alone?

“Tell me mortal, shall I grant your wish and send you unto death’s embrace?” said Amaymon.

Realizing the demon did not recognize him, Zyphra chuckled and tightened his grip over his rune blade. He knew this would be his last battle, his mortal body will not be able to take the strain much longer.

For the last time, Zyphra drew one last breath and the ruins of Gallanos echoed his battlecry.

“This day, mortalkind does not stand alone! For Gallanos! For the High Heavens!”


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