Blogging in Bacolod



Bacolod City is just one of the cities here in the Philippines. Compared to Manila though, it is relatively small and the blogging community is even smaller. My guesstimate on the total number of active bloggers/vloggers/influencers would probably be around 30 max. Those are the bloggers that more or less regularly updates their blog or platforms, not counting the ones that tried and went inactive for long periods of time without any activity.

It’s been like this ever since I can remember. The blogging/vlogging communities in Cebu and Manila are huge by comparison, with every blogger/vlogger collaboration with each other in order to help one another grow their reach. Here in Bacolod however, it’s pretty hard for up and coming bloggers who are determined to make it through to at least get their foot in the door.


So far, I know of only one group/community here in Bacolod and they’re the Negros Bloggers. They’re a group of bloggers, specialized in each of their own niches, that aims to connect and promote blogging here within Negros. They have a website at but it’s last update was around 3 years ago. If you’re interested to join, then I suggest messaging the group directly as I couldn’t find an exact list of requirements needed before you can become a part of their group. I messaged one of the bloggers and she mentioned something regarding the traffic of the website, the content and the blog having to be on a self-hosted domain. I’m not entirely sure of how accurate this is as I’m still waiting on a reply from the group as I’m writing this post lol.

Aside from Negros Bloggers, I don’t think there are any more active social media communities here in Bacolod. This makes it harder for potential bloggers just starting up. With no idea about hosting, SEO, or any of the technical stuff, potential bloggers give up as they can’t reach their audience or even extend their reach. I felt this myself when I started my first ever blog Mikayle Food Enthusiasts. I had no one to turn to and no other blogger to ask for advice. My blog and my Facebook page faced months of inactivity because I was also busy with work and couldn’t find the time to go out and blog.


With universities churning out thousands of new graduates every year, most of them are herded along a career path based on their course. No one tells these young professionals that there are careers that they probably haven’t even heard of. I’d bet my kidney that if you randomly ask an IT student in his/her senior year if they’re familiar with AdExchange or SEO/SEM, they will most likely answer no. If you ask them if they have considered going for a career in Blogging/Vlogging or anything related to social media outreach, they will probably laugh it off and think it’s a joke. It’s just not taught in schools, and that is why they’re not considering it seriously. They don’t know the opportunities and that possibilities that could be out there if only they step out of their comfort zones.

If you’re a blogger in Bacolod and you’re determined to make it through, then don’t hesitate to send me a message here or through one of my Facebook pages. I’d be glad to help you out and share what I know, little as it may be. I don’t care if you’re just starting out or have as little as 10 likes on your Facebook page, if you’re determined to really start blogging, then I’d be more than happy to work/collaborate with you.

Reach me through my two Facebook pages below, I’m usually online most of the time.

Guy With The Laptop

Mikayle Food Enthusiasts

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