Shejoje Hostel – First capsule hotel in Cebu

Shejoje Poshtel Hostel – Cebu’s very first capsule hotel

When I went to Cebu to run in Pinoy Fitness Sub3 21k Challenge, I spent the night before the race in my very first capsule hotel. Capsule hotels or also known as pod hotels is a type of hotel that started off in Japan. Basically, it’s like you get your own “mini” room that’s just wide enough for you to sleep in. I heard about the hotel from a friend of mine who backpacked in Cebu for a few days and this is where she stayed. I saw her post on Facebook and decided to give it a go on my first night back in Cebu.

Individual capsules with a mini ladder leading to the top one’s

For Php 488 per night, you will be given your own individual capsule to stay in. Inside is a small basket with a towel and a bottle of water. Your capsule also has its own lockers below and mini padlocks to keep your belongings safe. They also have a Deluxe Capsule for Php 788 good for 2 people. I didn’t get to take a picture of the room since all the other capsules had occupants inside resting. They also serve light breakfast if you add Php 100 , this includes coffee/milo/tea and light snacks. Most of the people who stay here are backpackers/travellers looking for a basic, cheap accommodation where they can spend the night peacefully and in comfort.


Inside the room there are only two sockets available for you to charge your gadgets. Good thing that all I needed to charge was my laptop and my cellphone. Very strong signal for those using Smart, I’m not sure about other networks. They also offer free wifi that you can use, I tried using the wifi and it was pretty okay, not the usual slow-loading hotel wifi that you can usually encounter. Great news for freelancers or digital nomads like me. 

Overall, I had a decent stay here in Shejoje Poshtel Hostel. Everything was very clean including their bathrooms ( they have shared bathrooms by the way, 4 bathrooms that you share with everyone staying for the night ) and the staff were very friendly as well. It was a huge coincidence that the manager, Acel, is also from Bacolod and a La Sallian graduate just like me! She was very welcoming and really made sure everything was in order for my stay.

Probably the only thing you should probably take note of when staying in capsule hotels like this is that you’re not the only one there. Since every capsule in Shejoje is side by side or near each other, noise can be a bit of an issue if the other people staying are inconsiderate. I experienced this when I woke up around 2 AM in the morning because a group of people staying the hotel were talking too loudly, forgetting that some people ( me lol ) were trying to get some rest. Aside from that, everything was more than I expected

Me with the manager, Acel



If you’d like, you can take a look at their Facebook page through the link here:

Shejoje Poshtel Hostel

You can also contact them through the following numbers below:


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