Life as a Digital Nomad

Ultimate work-life-balance lol

It’s been 4 months since I’ve left the office work space and decided to become a digital nomad. Someone who isn’t chained within the confines of the cubicle or the office and can work anywhere as long as there’s a laptop and internet. Whether its by the beach or while drinking with friends, I’m currently living the laptop lifestyle when I chose to leave my former company.

Passing my AcQua Certification in Acccenture

It wasn’t always like this. If you asked meย a year ago what my career goals are, I would have probably answered you something related to climbing the corporate ladder and reaching Level 10 in Accenture. I mean, I already got promoted, I was relatively good at what I do, and the company is among the Top 10 here in the Philippines, what more could I want?

Well, it looks like the saying is true. That we really don’t know what our future holds.

Sisig, San Mig Light, and spreadsheets.

Around December 2016, I handed my resignation letter to my supervisor. When the other leads and managers heard about my resignation, most were surprised as no one really expected me to leave. However, I had already decided to leave the corporate lifestyle and enter my new life as a digital nomad.

Now, I’m working in a field where my interests truly lie. If you’re asking what is it that I exactly do, it’s a bit related to something that I did when I was still in college ( I was into CPA or Cost Per Acquisition marketing ), and mostly deals with optimizing Ads for our clients. I won’t waste words here trying to explain it all, but if you’re really interested, then go ahead and post a comment here or send me a message through my Facebook Fan Page.

With my fellow digital nomads. M2!

Some might say that ย I’m probably saying this too soon, but I really believe I’m at a point in life where I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.



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