And the adventure begins.


Finally, done with setting up the Fan Page and the blog.

I’ll kick things off with this very first post on what this blog’s going to be about.

Guy With The Laptop is a lifestyle/personal blog on my life as a digital nomad. The reason I created this blog is because my first blog Mikayle Food Enthusiasts will be solely dedicated to ‘food’ as it’s main niche while this blog will pretty much cover everything ( no specific targeted niche ).

Topics can range from my mundane day-to-day activities, thoughts and rants to my travels, adventures and what-not.

Domain will remain as a ‘free’ wordpress blog until such time I decide that I’m getting enough traffic and I have enough content.

If you’re done reading this post, then head on over to the ‘About Me’ section so you’d have an idea who I am, what I do, and what’s my story.

Also, don’t forget to check out my other blog Mikayle Food Enthusiasts and follow it as well on Facebook through hereย 

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